Model. Today everything around you is made by man (orange) and wildlife is isolated (green) :
this landscape we change to :

The Healthy Earth model leaves Orange circles (like 50%) for people;
the green part (also around 50%) of the land is wildness. All green parts are connected.

Consequences for humans?
If you now live in a place which becomes green, than your house will be lost and you move to an orange circle.
In the green part are no people / companies / trains / roads / canals / agriculture. Here trees can grow, water is freely streaming and animals live here. The number of animals and diversity of species will increase.
If you now live in a place which becomes part of an orange circle, than your space will decrease. This applies to private homes, companies and all space used by man.
To get more green space government or private initiative will buy land.

Transport between orange circles is underground or by air.

Eventually more habitat for animals results in:
a) A cleaner world.
b) New species (evolution).
c) Conservation of endangered species and bio-diversity.
d) Stop climate change induced by man.

The Healthy Earth model is no utopia, just do it. Because we need to make changes.
A plan with big changes will only work if it has strong support in the community.
All things take time, so changing the view people have about values will take time too.

This Healthy Earth model should be implemented at great speed in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and surrounding countries to give more space to Elephants.
And applying the model on Madagascar can give more space to monkeys. When the model will be applied to Russia and China it will be possible for tigers and their pray to walk all over the continent.

Click for an English movie on Youtube about the Healthy Earth Model

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